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Meet me, the girl behind the cheese

Its gouda meet you!

  Hi, I am Sarah! The owner and sole operator of CharCUTErie Creations. 

  Ive always enjoyed hosting a party for any type of event for my friends. With that, I learned the art of charcuterie boards. What started out as a hobby as turned into a passion of mine.

    All of my creations are prepared in a commerical kitchen at The Louisville Streatry. Sometimes youll see I have grab and graze boxes available first come first serve, and offering seasonal workshop classes.

  My goal is to provide you with the most aesthetically pleasing and delicious board or box at a reasonable cost. I love making themed boards, so you'll always catch me offering a holiday board. If you have a great idea for a theme, please email me so I can make your dreams come true.


To Place an order please go to the Order tab and fill out the questionnaire!

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